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Modern Design &
Turnkey Solutions


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Modern design & turnkey solutions

Through years of experience, working closely with contractors at every stage of design and construction, Mercury Engineering Group engineers have acquired the unique ability to see projects from outside the engineering lens.  Knowing how to appropriately apply up to date methods, in both the engineering and construction industry, is a skill that is only developed with practice; a skill that Mercury Engineering Group has long mastered.  

Mercury Engineering Group has and continues to work with contracting, construction and permitting firms throughout San Francisco and the Bay Area however, building the strong lines of communication between engineer and contractor that are needed to see a project come to fruition, can take time. Property owners that choose to work with Mercury Engineering Group and take advantage of the partnerships already formed with SF Garage Company, SF Permitting and The Pollard Group can see their project advance from one stage to the next quicker and often with fewer setbacks along the way.

  • Complete structural engineering services 
  • New buildings & structures
  • Additions, renovations, remodels & improvements
  • Moment resisting frames & shear walls
  • Value engineering
  • Permit expediting
  • Mandatory Soft Story Retrofit consultation
  • Site evaluations
  • Feasibility studies
  • Turnkey design & build

areas of service

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seismic design & retrofits

Protect your property from potential earthquake damage with seismic retrofitting. As part of a city wide effort to ensure the safety of San Francisco’s housing stock, the Mandatory Soft Story Retrofit Program was created in 2013 and enforced by the Department of Building Inspection.  As a property owner you may have received notification of required action indicating that your building(s) are affected by the mandate.  Mercury Engineering Group can help you navigate the processes necessary to bring your building into compliance, avoid future notices of violation and ensure the safety and structural soundness of your properties in the event of a natural disaster.  

new construction

Leaders in innovative design, Mercury engineers pride themselves on their up to date knowledge of building codes and regulations.  Leveraging years of experience working with Bay Area builders, Mercury Engineering Group knows how to design new construction with the latest in building techniques and latest engineering standards.  Your project will be designed precisely to the standards required by the International Building Code without compromising the style or vision for your final project.

accessory dwelling units (ADUs)

San Francisco has one of the most competitive housing markets in the country.  Adding an in-law apartment/secondary unit to an existing residential building has become easier than ever with the recent passage of Ordinance 162-16.  This ordinance allows some buildings to add additional dwelling units within the existing structure, waiving certain Planning Department restrictions.  Mercury Engineering Group specializes in residential design and seismic retrofitting and was one of the first firms to begin submitting permits under this ordinance.

garage additions

In a city where parking is notoriously difficult to find, adding a garage to your building can not only save you time but also add value to your property.  Your new garage will be built to the latest standards in seismic design to ensure the safety and stability of your property in the event of an earthquake. Our principal engineers are industry experts and have helped home-owners throughout San Francisco design and build their parking solutions for over 20 years.  Unsure about how a new garage will change the look and feel of your property?  View our Garage Gallery to see how each garage addition was designed with the age, location and style of each building in mind.   

extensive remodels & improvements

As a Bay Area company, Mercury Engineering Group has worked on a wide range of remodel projects.  The structural landscape of San Francisco is diverse, with modern style construction and historic buildings standing side by side. You can upgrade your home with 21st century technology without sacrificing the history and charm found in so many Bay Area homes.  Mercury Engineering Group engineers are sensitive to all aspects of a remodel including the location, age and style of the building as well as the desires of individual property owners.

permit expediting

Building permits and regulations in San Francisco can be challenging and complex.  SF Permitting, in partnership with Mercury Engineering Group, is one of the Bay Area’s most well reputed permit expediting firms. With decades of experience we have the knowledge and tools to help expedite permits for your next building or remodeling project.  Attention to detail and expert knowledge of regulations can save time and money during the permitting process.